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Rumble Token is an ERC20 cryptocurrency designed to revolutionize the video and streaming industry, inspired by the popular platform Rumble.

With its decentralized and blockchain-based nature, Rumble Token aims to empower content creators, reward user engagement, and provide a fair and transparent ecosystem for all participants.

By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Rumble Token offers a seamless, secure, and innovative way to support and monetize the content you love.

1 Billion $RUM

0/0 Tax


Phase 1

- Smart Contract
- Community growth
- Dextools
- Etherscan
- Partnerships

Phase 2

- CMC & CG Listing
- Press Releases
- Twitter Spaces
- Utility Development

Phase 3

- Marketing Campaign
- International Focus
- Tier 2 CEX Listing
- Further Development

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Ruble is the ONLY video streaming platform that allows instant monetization for content creators!